Are you a young and vibrant African youth who wish to acquire professional experience, leadership skill and international exposure through volunteerism? Can you bring about continental and sustainable development through service to mankind? Then, African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) is the right program for you. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that, anyone can become great, because everyone can serve! Moreover, Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth, said Mohammed Ali.
African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) is a continental development program that recruits and works with youth volunteers from within the African Union and the Diaspora, to work in all 54 countries across the African Union.  It  brings  young  people  together  to  share  skills, knowledge,  creativity  and  learning  to  build  a  more  integrated  Continent  and,  by  implication, strengthen Africa's relevance in the globalized world. This program is designed to assisting in development, empowement of youths and of course, promotion of Pan-Africanism
Program Overview
Volunteers will works to bring a lasting change and impact through youth service within the six key areas of its focus:
Volunteers Eligibility
In  order  to  be  considered  for  this  program,  applicants  must  fulfill  the  following requirements:
What Volunteers Stand to Benefit
Volunteers benefit primarily in terms of gaining crucial work experience, international exposure, and acquisition of additional professional, soft, livelihood and life skills. While on the field, volunteers receive the following benefits:
Post deployment returned volunteers are now part of an alumni network of AU-YVs forming a vast pool of junior professionals and new generation of leaders. 

Application Process
Applicants are requested to submit the following
1. Filled out application form
2. Scanned copy of University degree certificate
3. Letter of recommendation from place of volunteer/work experience
4. Scanned copy of identity page on your passport
5. Curriculum Vitae 

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