As greenhouse offers new hope of off-season production of vegetables (such as Tomato, Bell pepper, Cucumber, etc). The major challenge is the cost of procurement from one and only Dizengoff (the so called Amiran Kits), observed a Kenya based electrical engineer turned farmer.
The owner of the Company vowed to make Nigeria highest exporter of Tomatoes, how will this be possible when they are selling their Amiran kit at a skyrocketed price which smallholder farmers cannot afford.
The truth is many young agropreneurs are willing to procure Amiran kits being supplied by Dizengoff.
“Amiran kit is my target, and they offer loans but what am not sure is how viable the idea is” said Kenneth.
In Kenya, Amiran kit cost about $2800 USD, for those interested in procuring one, the company asks for a commitment fee of $600 USD and those that have got one will now complete the payment in instalment for a maximum of two years.
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The Amiran Farmers’ Kit (AFK) consist of; Greenhouse (8x15 mini greenhouse tunnel); Drip irrigation system (suitable for 1/8th of an acre); Solid water tank (500L); Sprayer (16 litters Knapsack Sprayer); Gold medal seeds (2 varieties of seed for 1/8th of an acre); Fertilizers (required for one season); Nursery set ( A complete pack of nursery trays with inert materials for germination of seeds); Agrochemicals;  Personal protective Equipment (PPE); Training (on usage of the kit); Certificate (issued at the end of training); Amiran farmers Kit insurance, CIC ( covers the hardware components of the AFK and the crop). Amiran Annual Agro support package (The Amiran farmers’ kit Agro-support package is a post sales service in exchange for an annual fee),  Amiran’s expert agronomists will visit farmers at their plots on a monthly basis and consult, advise and address any agricultural issues that may need attention. In addition to the consultancy, during these visits, Amiran agronomists will also expose farmers to new technologies, growing techniques, products and markets available. This also gives Amiran the opportunity to stay connected to farmers and receive feedback on how they are progressing and the challenges the farmers are facing for collective action.  Amiran agronomists work hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture, Private sectors, International Organizations, Markets (local and Exports) and other experts in the industry allowing Amiran to develop a better understanding of events in the farmers’ region and to advise accordingly.
Patrick, a agropreneur zone Member confessed that, Amiran Kit looks good.
“Dizengoff is asking for over a million naira for the smallest kit of the polythene (greenhouse). I think that is too much while Syngenta is working with some agricultural experts in Kenya on construction of greenhouse of same size using woods and UV greenhouse cover which can reduce the price drastically. To be sincere, the cost of seed, agro-chemicals and fertilizers, 16 litres knapsack sprayer does not justify the high cost.” GiG submitted.

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1. Greenhouse Construction (Low-Medium Cost Design )
2. UV Stabilized Greenhouse Cover (P. E. Film), 12m wide or <.
3. UV Stabilized Anti-insect Net (70-80%) 3m wide.
4. Seedling Trays (128 Cells)
5. UV Stabilized Drip Tape only (1500m Long, 16mm Diameter, 30cm Spacing)
6. Hose Punch for Drip line (Allows for Operational Flexibility)
7. Manual Seedling Planter (No back breaking, No fuel, Simple, Fast & Efficient)
8. Row Weeder (No back breaking, Fast, Simple, Low Fuel Consumption & Efficient)
9. Greenhouse Handbook (Definitive and Practical Guide)

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