Young Agropreneurs
CGIAR (the Global Agricultural Research Partnership) and GFAR (the Global Forum on Agricultural Research) co-organize a pilot project called Youth Agripreneurs Project (YAP) The YAP program targets young agricultural entrepreneurs from all over the World involved in input supply, production, value-added services and/or market access. The young agripreneurs with innovative projects will be featured at #GCARD3 global event in Johannesburg, South Africa, accommodation and all round trips to the event will be covered. Moreover, the program will provide a two days mentorship at the event and one year mentorship after the event to bring your project to a success. All applications will be accepted via email in Microsoft Word document and it will be published on the  GFAR blog.
Application Contents
It should be written in a “free format”, a story-telling format, as if it were a BlogSpot. Here are the critical elements you should include in your application (important!):

Submit your proposal (your text file, and illustrations) to We will confirm your submission, and once it is online, we’ll send you the link to your submission BlogSpot by email.
Submission Format

By submitting your project, you allow us to publish your submission on our GFAR blog. This means your application will be public. This also means that potentially other people might read about your project, and get inspired to submit their own proposals.
Eligible Projects for YAP

Selection Criteria
First selection? Public voting!
The first selection of projects (dependent on the amount of funding we receive from the sponsors) will be based on the appreciation of your entry by the online public. We will pick the top submissions, based on:

Please note:

The final selection:



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