The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) will resuscitate and sustain youth entrepreneurship in Africa through training, skill development and financing to generate sustainable livelihoods and national economic development. RUFORUM believes in youth entrepreneurship as the game changer in ensuring greater youth participation and integration into the economic growth at national and regional levels and for youth employment. As a result, RUFORM invites young African entrepreneurs (less than 40 years) to participate in the competition to show case their enterprises, innovations and business concepts.
African entrepreneurs and incubates will compete for 10 conference awards to show case their innovations, enterprises and business concepts and propositions. The focus is for the young entrepreneurs to share their story at an International stage with close to 700 participants drawn from academia, business and industry, development organisations, practitioners and philanthropists.  It is hoped that through this competition, young entrepreneurs’ business concepts, impact, innovation and business opportunities can be expanded. While the focus of this competition is on innovation in agribusiness, other innovations, incubations, business enterprises and business concepts along ICTs, health, engineering, natural resources, meteorology,  urbanization, green economy, and transport and communication, among other areas, will be considered.  
The ten (10) competitively selected business enterprises will receive all expenses paid trip (air ticket, conference registration, and hotel costs) for participation at the RUFORUM Biennial Conference (17th -21st October, 2016) in Cape Town, South Africa. The selected young innovators will also receive a competition cash price award.
Applications are invited from enterprises and individuals that meet the following eligibility criteria. 
Deadline for submissions is 30th July, 2016. Results will be announced by 30th August, 2016.
Application submission process
All applications should be sent to with copy to Dr. Egeru Anthony ( and Dr. Uwituze Solange (
RUFORUM is a Network of 55 Universities in 22 African countries. RUFORUM was formed by African Vice Chancellors with the vision for a vibrant agricultural sector linked to African universities that can produce high-performing graduates and high-quality research, responsive to the demands of Africa’s farmers for innovations, and able to generate sustainable livelihoods and national economic development.
 Submission Format

Note: Your submission should not exceed four pages of concisely written work.  

Contact Information
Company Name
Street Address
City, ST  ZIP
Contact email

Management Team
List the names and titles of the management team if any

List the applicable industries (e.g., telecom, life sciences, system software, etc.)

Company Resources
Include resources such as facilities, # of employees, special licenses or major existing customers if any

Total Capital Invested/needed
Indicate amount of capital invested/that is needed.  Include associate investor/potential investor if any

Year Founded

Business Overview
Describe your business opportunity/innovation/business concept. This should include your potential and/or existing product/service, vision, mission, and business model.

Management Team
Indicate why you and/or your team can capitalize on the opportunity discussed in the business description-one paragraph

Enterprise Innovativeness
Describe what makes your business enterprise and/or concept innovative and distinguishes it from your other competitors

Company Background/Genesis
Describe how you discovered the business opportunity and/or potential innovation-one paragraph

Technology/Proprietary Rights
Describe the factors that provide your enterprise with significant competitive edge to overcome barriers.

Sales, Marketing, and Customers
Describe characteristics of your market.  Who are your potential/top customers (current and/or projected - be very specific)?  What is your value proposition (suggested scheme or plan of action) to these potential or others?

Competitive Landscape
Who are your primary/potential competitors and what is/will be your key competitive position/advantage?

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