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 It is glaring so far that many people are yet to get a perfect glimpse of what Greenhouse farming is all about. Some even say greenhouse is just ordinary net house. There is now a mixed up among Greenhouse, Net house, Shade house and Polytunnel.
Well... I understand that greenhouse is an emerging technology in Nigeria and other Tropical regions.

Facts You Should Know About Greenhouse Farming
1. Greenhouse is a protected structure designed to grow high valued vegetables and crops such as Tomatoes, Capsicum, Cucumber, etc
2. Greenhouse farming has levels ranging from High tech, Medium Cost to Low Cost Greenhouse
3. Yield from greenhouse farming is 2-10 times higher than open field
4. Low cost greenhouse farming is possible using locally available materials
5. Not all greenhouse materials can be replaced with our local materials
6. Greenhouse agronomy is technically different from open field. Greenhouse needs the right specifications for different environment to get optimum result etc.
7. Greenhouse is a sure guarantee for off season production
8. Greenhouse produces have longer shelf life and  better quality
9. Greenhouse produces are for target market like Urban,  Peri-urban, Export,  Supermarkets,  Veggies Stores etc. and the demand is huge
10. Greenhouse technology is not for Conservatives
11. In greenhouse farming, the input of GH Construction  workers, GH Growers, Agronomists & GH Technical Experts are very germane for success
12. You need knowledge and skill for successful greenhouse farming
13. Less than 5% of the farming population are into greenhouse farming 
14. It is a worthwhile investment for Agripreneurs, Graduates, Professionals and Investors
15. Greenhouse crops are not affected by heavy rainfall, wind, high sun intensity and there is low/no incidence of pests and diseases.
16. Greenhouse farming maximizes small inputs (such as Land/Space, Water, Nutrients, etc) to give larger output and resource use efficiency is assured
17. Greenhouse farming can be started on marginal lands or using soil-less media (Hydropnics)

Contact us for Your;

1. Greenhouse Construction (Low-Medium Cost Design)
Greenhouse Construction

Completed Greenhouse
2. UV Stabilized Greenhouse Cover (P. E. Film), 12m wide or lesser
 3. UV Stabilized Anti-insect Net (70-80%) 3m wide.
4. Seedling Trays (128 Cells)
5. UV Stabilized Drip Tape only (1500m Long, 16mm Diameter, 30cm Spacing)
6. Hose Punch for Drip line (Allows for operational flexibility)
7. Manual Seedling Planter (No back breaking, No fuel, Simple, Fast and Efficient)
8. Automatic Row Weeder (No back breaking, Fast, Simple, Low Fuel Consumption and Efficient)
9. Greenhouse Handbook (Definitive and Practical Guide) Buy and download directly from PAYHIP
10. UV Stabilized Grow Bag (Durable)
11. Greenhouse Monitoring Equipment such as pH meter,  Min-Max Thermometer, Hygrometer, Thermo-Hygrometer etc.

UV Stabilized Grow Bag

UV Stabilized P.E Film
Maximum-Minimum Thermometer
pH Meter

 EC/TDS/Temp Combo Meter

Drip Tape

Automatic Row Weeder

Manual Planter for Seedlings

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Get more Information about Greenhouse Handbook here: http://kasfarintheagropreneur.blogspot.co.ke/2016/08/greenhouse-tomato-and-capsicum.html

Hose Punch

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